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Red Dobie Digital is dedicated to serving marketing teams, business owners and corporate enterprises willing to focus on digital marketing, media, mobile and web analytics to drive marketing strategy.  Digital Analytics allows for optimization of online content, lead generation or e-commerce funnels and advertising spend to deliver an excellent customer experience.  Red Dobie Digital offers our online marketing consultant services to apply our industry experience in media and web analytics to guide your Analytics Evolution.  Allow us to assist your team in getting the most out of your Digital Analytics investments to continually discover paths to optimization and actionable insights.  

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Our Services

Analytics Implementation, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Tag Management

Implementation & Tagging

Digital Analytics goals, data needs and considerations must be included in campaign design and application development to ensure  collection of the right data. Allow us to guide your team through proper administration of analytics suites, reporting and visualization tools, as well as tag management or enterprise platform integrations required for advanced analytics.

Digital Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Preparation, Data Management

Data Preparation & Analysis

Preparing data sources for meaningful analysis is typically the most resource intensive aspect of any analytics endeavor. We seek to guide Digital Marketing teams in partnering with cross-functional specialists (e.g., engineers, analysts, statisticians) to enable, manage and effectively apply Digital Analytics to campaign optimization and improved customer satisfaction.

Analytics Reporting, Dashboards, Visualization, Tableau, Domo, Google Data Studio

Reporting & Visualization

Analysis is intended to help your organization uncover valuable information from your data. However effectively communicating insights across your organization is as critical to affecting change as the outcomes of your  analysis.  We can help you get the most out of your investment in reporting tools by developing accessible, compelling and interactive dashboards and visualizations.

A Problem Solving Approach to Data & Analytics

The 'Who, What, When, Where, Why & How' of Digital Analytics

Who... can benefit from Analytics?


Digital Analytics is not just for Digital Marketers focused on content engagement, SEO, social media followers or email response.  Your online ad agency relies on analytics to optimize ppc, search & social campaigns... as should the techies in your e-commerce channel or web application developers, including mobile app design.  Even customer service, PR and Executive Management can benefit to ensure positive customer satisfaction with your company & brand.

What... is Digital Analytics?


Digital Analytics applies to measuring the performance of online platforms, such as website content, services, e-commerce & mobile applications. This includes customer engagement & satisfaction through an understanding of site design, reliability and survey responses.  Online search, ppc and social advertising campaigns are also optimized per publisher data points, along with post arrival activity to verify conversion rates & quantify advertising spend ROI.

When... is Analytics applicable?


The practice of Digital Analytics is intended improve the online customer experience, thus improving brand satisfaction, along with acquisition through optimized conversion funnels.  This can include analysis of online customer service, payment or account management features, site & SEO content or ad creative curation. Analytics also apples to the optimization of e-commerce funnels, marketing automation or recommendation engines, and audience re-marketing or contextual targeting efforts.

Where... does all of this Data live?


Digital Analytics relies on data sourced from solutions that capture visitor engagement with your website and mobile app, as well a traffic responding to your online paid and search advertising. The dominant platforms, such as the Google or Adobe analytics suites, host your site engagement data in their clouds. Similarly, advertising campaign data is hosted by networks per your trafficked campaigns, most notably Google Adwords & Doubleclick.  Depending on your level of investment, this data may also be supplemented by integrations with CRM, survey, email, social or media publisher campaigns, or even Adobe Audience Manager, DSPs or DMPs (e.g., Kruk or Bluekai) to target affinity audiences.

Why... is Analytics essential?


While many of your brand's customer service touchpoints continued to be supported in-person or on the phone, consumers and clients expect ever-expanding options when conducting business online. Your companies' web, e-commerce and mobile applications can be a great source of direct customer feedback through the multitudes of digital fingerprints generated with every visit and transaction. Along with online & social ad targeting & campaign data, Digital Analytics enables these data points, transforming them into actionable insights and automated inputs for making faster, more informed decisions to improve business results.

& How... do we access the Data?


Value is only created when the data is transformed into usable insights, thus the application of analytical methods. However analysis depends on effective data collection & preparation. This requires proper administration of analytics suites, tag management, data layer or campaign naming conventions. Advanced analytics may also require alignment with audience targeting, segmentation or CLV strategies, and integrations with content, advertising, marketing automation or CRM platforms. Outcomes of any analysis must also be transformed into accessible and consumable information.  Effective reporting, dashboards & visualization are critical for business stakeholders to understand and act on the insights.