Bringing the Data to Life...

Reporting & Visualization

Analysis is intended to help your organization uncover valuable information from your data. However effectively communicating insights across your organization is as critical to affecting change as the outcomes of your  analysis.  We can help you get the most out of your investment in reporting tools by developing (mobile) accessible, compelling visualizations and interactive dashboards.

Reports also must be accessible throughout your organization

The outcomes of the analysis will not deliver their full value unless they are  transformed into accessible and consumable information.  Effective reporting, dashboards & visualization are critical for business stakeholders to understand and act on the insights.  The primary Analytics platforms offer ever expanding reporting capabilities.  However both Google and Adobe are continue to expand their 'Marketing Clouds' with Google Data Studio being a noteworthy addition.  

Typically investing in a dedicated reporting solution will offer the best accessibility throughout your organization.  Tableau, Domo and Quik are focused on offering great and colorful visualization capabilities, while also simplifying data integration with growing suites of  data connectors and APIs.  Of  course we cannot live without Excel, and Microsoft Power BI along with PowerPivot and PowerQuery also delivers dynamic dash-boarding potential.