Its Not Magic, Planning Required

Implementation & Tagging

Digital Analytics goals, data needs and considerations must be included in campaign design and application development to ensure  collection of the right data. Allow us to guide your team through proper administration of analytics suites, reporting and visualization tools, as well as tag management or enterprise platform integrations required for advanced analytics.

Evolve with an Analytics Roadmap

Despite many marketers prevailing sentiment, Digital Analytics is not magic and subsequently cannot be an afterthought. Including analytics considerations in campaign design & application development ensures the correct data points are being captured across your customers digital touchpoints. Beyond proper administration of analytics suites and reporting or visualization tools, additional solution and platform integrations are required for advanced analytics. This includes tag management & data layer naming conventions, alignment with audience targeting, segmentation or CLV strategies, and integration with digital advertising, content, marketing automation or CRM platforms. 

Enabling analytics capabilities also does not happen overnight, thus a best practice is to benchmark your analytics maturity within your industry and set a roadmap to evolve. Enabling analytics allows your marketers to make faster, more targeted and informed decisions can be a competitive advantage in terms of reach and marketing resource efficiency.