Analysis is not just for Analysts

Data Preparation & Analysis

Preparing data sources for meaningful analysis is typically the most resource intensive aspect of any analytics endeavor. We seek to guide Digital Marketing teams in partnering with cross-functional specialists (e.g., engineers, analysts, statisticians) to enable, manage and effectively apply Digital Analytics to campaign optimization and improved customer satisfaction.

A Culture of Analytics

Establishing a culture of analytics is necessary to apply the vast amounts of available data to understand if your digital marketing initiatives are working as expected. Digital Marketers or Analysts cannot be the only ones focus on analytics. They are dependent Developers for clean application design, data layer naming conventions, tagging and data APIs to collect clean data.  Ad campaign activation,creative and trafficking stakeholders also need to take analytics into consideration. 

Then once you are confident clean data is collected and prepared for analysis... the analyst must understand the goals of the business, align with the digital marketers strategies to identify actionable insights, while relying on data scientists and statistician to further explore and validate advanced analysis and methodologies.  The analyst doesn't just analyze, they become the conductor to ensure that the entire digital analytics life-cycle delivers usable insights.