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Red Dobie Digital is dedicated to serving teams and companies focusing on digital marketing, media, mobile and web analytics to drive marketing strategy, or optimize e-commerce and advertising spend in order to deliver an excellent customer experience.   Despite many marketers prevailing sentiment, Digital Analytics is not magic and subsequently cannot be an afterthought...  Let us help you develop your culture of analytics!

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One Red Doberman and two Basenjis... Honestly though, we are willing to work with nearly any stack of enterprise analytics tools you have already invested in, beginning with Google or Adobe's suite of analytics & tagging solutions, along with reporting interfaces such as Tableau, Domo, the new Google Data Studio... or old reliable Microsoft Excel (with PowerPivot & MS BI) and even IBM Watson Analytics

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Our success comes from effectively serving and educating your teams regarding effective deployment of your Digital Analytics investments to continually discover paths to optimization and actionable insights.  We want to share our industry experience for your benefit.  The combined efforts are always intended deliver a satisfied customer through an exceptional digital brand experience.

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Travis M. Walker

I founded Red Dobie Digital in order share and apply my digital marketing and analytics expertise derived through nearly 20 years in B2C and B2B marketing roles supporting web and mobile application development, e-commerce, marketing automation and paid or social media campaigns.   I have had the privilege of contributing to the online marketing strategies of companies spanning multiple industries such as retail, entertainment, publishing, wholesale electronics, software, life sciences and financial services; mortgages and insurance. 

My primary profressional rolls have allowed me to contribute in the capacity of a Web / Mobile / Digital Media Analyst, a Digital Marketing Strategist or eCommerce Manager.  In addition to these primary roles, I am continually expanding my professional focus in terms of digital paid & social media campaign trafficking and analytics, in addition my successes in optimizing customer experiences within e-commerce, web & mobile applications. 

Focusing on New Opportunities

I am currently welcoming new opportunities to consult with your team to expand the analytics capacities of your Digital Marketing, eCommerce or Online Paid Media strategies. 

If you are interested in learning more about my professional experience, I invite you to view my LinkedIn profile.  Please don't hesitate to connect or contact me to see how I may help you with your Digital Analytics evolution.

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